How to enter

You’re only a few steps away from entering BJP’s Breakthrough Awards 2017.

The awards are open to anyone currently studying on a BA or MA course (or equivalent), or anyone who has graduated with a BA or MA (or equivalent) within the last five years.

Single Image Award
For an outstanding single image and supporting statement.
Price: £10

Series Award
For an outstanding body of work (of up to 20 images) and supporting statement.
Price: £30 for one series entry, or £40 for two.


  • Images can be shot in any format, using any camera model, on film or digital. If you are entering a series of images, please indicate the viewing order, if appropriate, in the caption field.
  • Each image can be a maximum of 5MB in size. All images must be submitted as JPEG files – any files submitted in any other format (including TIFF, PDF, PSD etc) will be discarded.
  • The series must be a substantial interconnected body of work, including at least eight and a maximum of 20 images.
  • Your statement must be under 1500 characters (approximately 250 words) in length, and written in English.
  • Once your images and statement have been uploaded to the system you will see an option to submit your entry. Once submitted your entry cannot be altered. Only submitted entries will be viewed by the judges.
  • If you’re stuck, please view our Frequently Asked Questions

   Extended deadline: Monday 15 May 2017 @ 6PM BST.